Corporate English

Corporate English – an investment in successful companies!

Business success is measured by income but consists of simple factors. Satisfied customers, and employees` confidence abroad and during online conferences, accessibility of information available on English-speaking resources. Corporate English learning – decision effective both for a small firm and a big organization. 

Corporate English courses: 5 reasons to choose Just English IT:

While some scientists try to prove that after 25 years it is harder for a person to acquire new knowledge, our team rejects this assumption. Regardless of age, and education level, such classes give the desired effect: literate oral and written speech, confidence in communication, and the ability to think in a “non-native” language.

Offices trust us in preparing their employees for the new stages:

  • new markets conquering; 
  • relationship maintenance with foreign partners;
  • image creation of an attractive employer;
  • participation in foreign business trips, exhibitions, agreements, and conferences;
  • conducting productive online agreements with customers. 

Available directions:

  • Business English;
  • IT English.

It is believed, that talented software developers, testers, or web designers often have a mathematical and technical mindset. That is why it is difficult for them to master foreign languages. We will dispel this stereotype and train your specialists for a confident presentation of their projects and the company in general for your foreign customers.

Corporate English: new format of education.

Your subordinates and colleagues still remember their foreign language classes from school and don’t want to go back in time? Just English IT will help them to plunge into the world of quality education. We are strict, creative, responsible, funny, smart, and ready to share knowledge with everyone.

Just English IT means simply talking about complicated things. Your team will cope with spelling, tenses, irregular verbs, and pronunciation in a short time.

Discover corporative English courses

What to begin with?

  • call us at (066) 995 78 05, (097) 678 62 61.
  • we will discuss the purpose of training, the number of students, and create your schedule.

What is next?

  • we will test and identify the level of your employees` knowledge (we work with all levels from Beginner to Advanced);
  • will find the appropriate teaching material. Training is based on up-to-date authentic textbooks (English File, Intelligent Business, etc.);
  • let`s start our learning!

What`s the result?

  • confident English-speaking team;
  • the positive image of your company in the Ukrainian, European and American markets;
  • ability to fulfill your orders faster, understand your customers better, and deal with more expensive projects. 

Believe in the strength of your team and the abilities of our teachers. Start getting acquainted with Just English IT.

You are always welcome! Our address is 38, Nauky avenue, 8th floor, office 817. 

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