English and German online

English and German online are great choices for your active rhythm of life.

Do you consider individual working schedules, business trips, and traveling as an integral part of your life? Don’t you have enough time to learn foreign languages? Stop making excuses – register for the English and German classes from Just English It!

Individual approach, effective program, and a creative teacher – this is our learning formula and it works!

English and German online – opportunities you can not forgo.

Being mobile, performing tasks on time, and getting the ability to develop and improve oneself – are the main reasons for our students to choose online learning. 

Classes via Skype will let you:

  • develop an individual program, and improve professional vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. 
  • create the most comfortable conditions for learning – in your favorite café, in the kitchen, or even during the rest.
  • manage your time effectively before or after work and during lunch.

Just English IT knows what you need!

Online classes are the reality of modern life. Five years ago there was a small number of teachers conducting their classes online. Nowadays you may spend weeks choosing an appropriate online tutor for you. We offer you not to waste your time and come to us.

You will get an opportunity to:

  • organize online meetings with a teacher;
  • level up your IT English and German, because IT is one of the main spheres we deal with.
  • plan language lessons for you or your children. We work with 

Now you have an opportunity to pass the online test to identify your current language level, understand the gaps you have to fill in, and what aspects to focus on during your learning.

Just English IT – we teach IT English and German online.

Are you engaged in web development, web testing, or game development? It`s time to make your communication with customers as comfortable as possible. Our teachers will make you speak the same language as your clients. It`s time to stop translating and start understanding everything mentioned in technical tasks, participate in meetings confidently, and gradually increase the level of your salary. Have questions? Give us a call: +38 (066) 995 78 05, +38 (097) 678 62 61.


If you work or live not far from Botanichnyi Sad metro station come and visit us. Our address is 38, Nauky avenue, 8th floor, office 817, Budynok Proektiv. 

Currently, our school works only online!

Just English IT – the choice for those who like to make the right decisions!

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