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Hi, everyone! 

My name is Lilia!

Not everyone can say that he or she was chosen for the job. But it`s an absolute truth about me! I was attracted to and kept by the English language slowly. Firstly, it penetrated my musical tastes and the movies I watched. Then it directed me to become a teacher according to my philological education. After that, I faced students who always managed to find me by themselves. But I appeared to be a tough nut to crack and always tried to “escape’’ from teaching as far as possible. I used to work in IT and it allowed me to understand the peculiarities and requirements of this sphere better. I also got a drop of experience while working as a translator and communicating with foreigners. It`s hard to believe, but all this time, with almost 10 years of experience, I was thinking about teaching. At that moment I decided to devote myself completely to the English language. I am yours forever! This is the story about two of us – me and English.


Hello, everyone, my name is Victoria, which means “victory” in Latin. I owe my beautiful name to my parents, who wanted to see their daughter as a winner in everything. And, believe me, I have a lot to be proud of! From the very childhood, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. My first students were my dolls, who were truly interested in my funny, childish classes. Many years later, while choosing the university, I had no doubts, that my childish hobby, determination and wish for self-development, would lead me to H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. Since then, I`ve become an English teacher. For 15 years of teaching, I`ve had enough ups and downs, acquired knowledge and experience, and got positive feedback from grateful clients. Working with groups, and conducting individual and corporate classes and summer intensives helped me to become a professional who truly loves the job, who likes to share knowledge with students, teach them and inspire optimism and belief in their strengths. 

Joy from your students` success is an absolutely special feeling, which makes teachers move forward, and get new experiences and knowledge. Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) passing and getting Cambridge University Certificates allowed me not only to gain practical and methodological teaching skills but also to get the right to teach the English language in 62 countries all over the world. I believe, that a good teacher is also an actor, a subtle psychologist, and an experienced practitioner who won`t torture you with unnecessary theory but will focus on aspects useful in real life. 


Hi, everyone!

First I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Anita, that’s not a pseudonym but my real name, my father is a foreigner! Even though I was born in Ukraine.

English is not my second language, I treat it rather as native, even my thoughts and plans are being held in this language)) It is a part of me, my world and I am eager to be your guide in the amazing journey of getting acquainted with this language, its trails of grammar, and curious phrases and word combinations! I have been working in this sphere for 13 years and I must confess that it’s my passion and addiction, I think that I’ve found my direction. I have graduated from Karazin University, I have master’s degree with honors, my speciality is interpreter and teacher! At the moment I try to combine both spheres as I believe that communication with native speakers also helps in broadening your horizons and updating your vocabulary 🙂

According to my nature, I am demanding towards myself and others, so I don’t take students who are not ready to cope with their homework, I don’t like wasting time! I am quite ambitious and hard-working, so I prefer to work for a result! I have my own system of education, I like to cover both aspects of language(grammar and oral speech), use different books, journals, articles, and Internet sources) Flexibility and patience are a must for a good teacher, that’s why I try to find common language with each student and take into account his preferences and interests!

If you are ready to change your life for the better, put effort, and gain results, feel free to contact us, that may be your chance to get the desirable freedom, necessary promotion, or ticket to a cloudless future!

Olga Sydorenko


My name is Olga. And I am an experienced teacher of the English language. I began my career while I was a student. At first, I worked only with children but after graduation, I started working mostly with adults.

You know, I always liked languages, and it’s not only about English. I guess it’s just cool to be different speaking a foreign language. I learned three languages at the institute and I never stop studying now. It’s so interesting to find out  new things!
Five years ago I faced the sphere of information technologies. Then I knew not much about it and it was a challenge. So now I reached that goal. The world of technologies is amazing! And it’s cool if you understand at least a tiny part of the world around you.

I like communicating with people and sharing my experience. The most I appreciate when my students come and say that they passed a job interview or an important exam. At such moments I understand that it is worth it.

Valia Sahalaieva

The English language and the way to make it interesting for my students is the main goal and task I try to reach every day. I began my way of teaching English at a rather early age by helping my younger sister with it. Later I understood that I was interested not only in the English language as a means of communication but also in the way to explain and teach it to other people. When I was a student, I started tutoring and it made me to explain my students the things, I couldn’t understand earlier. I started to dig into the material and tried to present it in a form that is easily caught and memorable for my students. As a student I wanted my learning to be not so monotonous and gloomy. That is why I try to think of creative and interesting tasks for each of my classes. You can easily find me at 2 a.m. creating original exercises, games, cards, video episodes, and presentations. When I was a beginning teacher, I wanted to try all the variants of my profession. I worked with small children in an English kindergarten, with schoolchildren trying to make them interested in the English language, with students of different higher educational establishments. I understood that my task was not only to teach but to inspire my students for learning the language. But still, I like the classes with adults most, both in groups and individually. With people, who know what they are doing and why. People have their goals and make even more effort than you demand from them. People who are aimed at the result and ready to work hard for it. 

I like learning new things, watching movies in the original language (especially my favorite TV series), and traveling. I always try to find an individual approach for each student, taking into account his or her interests. I adore finding new creative ideas for learning vocabulary and grammar. I like to teach because this profession requires constant development and allows communication with very different people. It means that I always learn something new and can share my love of the language with other people. 


Maryna Bozhko

What’s up?

Hi, everyone!

My name is Maryna and I am a teacher. Sounds like a death sentence. It`s not in vain an ancient Greek philosopher Socrates used to say: “If you want to punish a person, make him a teacher!”. But it was my own conscious choice and I don’t regret it even a bit! 

I used to be on both sides of the “barricades” at the time, being both a student, and a teacher, so I can say with confidence what should be done and what is better to be avoided. I am perfectly aware of how to make our classes rich and interesting. I have rather small experience (only 8 years), but I had an opportunity to work with students of different age groups and even level up my English abroad. I also managed to prove my level with the American Marlins Test. My classes are filled with humor and lightness. Now the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Tenses won`t sound scary to you.😅



Zhenia here! A crazy fan of Gravity Falls, a cat mom, a volunteer, an indie-rock fan, a black coffee lover, and a real admirer of English teaching!

All my life I`ve responded negatively to my relatives` wish to become a teacher and continue our family teaching dynasty. But after the work with my first student, I eventually decided to be a teacher like everyone in our family, and share my knowledge with the whole world. So, never say never!

Most of my life I`ve spent in a role of a student and I know for sure what students lack to study conveniently. An atmosphere of mutual respect and support prevails in my classroom and there is always ample room for humor. After my classes all the tense forms will find their places, all the articles will work on their definiteness and all the exceptions to the rules of comparative and superlative adjectives will slip off your tongue.

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